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Monday, September 17, 2012

Create-A-Slogan Contest!

by Paul C. Giachetti

Hasslein Books presents:
Create-A-Slogan Contest!

Hasslein Books is looking for a new slogan to accompany our updated logo, as part of our redesigned Web site. We felt our old slogan, "PUBLISHERS OF GENRE-BASED REFERENCE BOOKS," while accurate, failed to evoke the spirit of the company, which is to supply fans of science fiction, and consummate geeks in general, the best reference books about their favorite series. Our second slogan, "REFERENCE BOOKS FOR SCI-FI GEEKS," also falls a little flat, so we're turning to you, the fans, to help us out!

Create a slogan within the following guidelines, and if we pick yours to be used on all Hasslein marketing materials, you'll receive a copy of our upcoming publication, A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon (due out in November 2012), signed by author Rich Handley. So get those creative juices flowing! 

This new slogan must:
• Reflect the company's relevance to geek culture
• Be no longer than six or eight words in length
• Mention "reference books" or "publications"
• Strongly reflect Hasslein's science-fiction focus

Participants are encouraged to submit multiple entries. To submit an entry, send an e-mail containing your name and suggested slogan(s) to contest@hassleinbooks.com. The contest will end on 11/30/2012. Entries will be reviewed and a winner will be chosen based on its appropriateness. Depending on the quality and quantity of entries received, a winner is not necessarily guaranteed.

Also, don't forget our other running contest – We're looking to boost our social media presence and obtain 500 Facebook 'likes' and Twitter followers. A random person will be chosen from each site once the target has been hit to win a signed copy of either of our Planet of the Apes reference books. Spread the word to make this dream of ours a reality!



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