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Sunday, May 26, 2013

And You Thought Having a Chip on Your Shoulder Was Bad...

by Rich Handley

A funny blast from my past just re-surfaced. Many years ago, my friend Joe Bongiorno and I were slated to write some introductions for a series of six Dark Horse Star Wars reprint books (Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago). At the time, another friend, Amy Pronovost, was brought in to draw me and Joe with a Star Wars species called a Hoojib sitting on our shoulders, which would have accompanied our intros.

Sadly, our involvement with the books was dropped due to space limitations (I've lost count how many times that's happened to me over the years... grumble mumble rassm frassm...), and so the world never got to revel in the glorious sight of a much-younger me with an antennaed space rabbit sitting on my shoulder (and... er... much more hair). However, Amy recently found the drawings she did all those years ago, so you can now you can behold me and the Hoojib in all our nerdy and well-coiffed splendor.

(Don't worry, Amy gave us her permission to post it, despite the "DO NOT REPOST!" plastered along the bottom.)

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