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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hasslein Writers to Be Featured in Upcoming Star Trek Book From Sequart

by Rich Handley

I've been given permission to announce that I'm among the authors involved in writing an anthology examining the history of Star Trek comic books, which is slated for publication by Sequart sometime next year.

I can't yet get into specifics about the project, but my fellow essayists are a long list of accomplished authors with solid histories of writing for the Trek franchise. (Really, I'm floored at being published alongside some of the people lined up. It's truly humbling.) And a few of them are also writing upcoming projects for Hasslein Books, which is doubly exciting.

This book is going to be damn fun, and I'm as excited about reading my co-authors' work as I am about my own involvement, as there are several big names attached. And if that weren't already reason enough to be excited, Hasslein's own Pat Carbajal will be illustrating the cover (I'm happy to say that was my doing).

Even if I weren't one of the authors, I'd still be pre-ordering a copy of this book for my collection. For fans of Star Trek comics (my first love when it comes to collecting—I have every issue from 1967 to date), this anthology will be pure gold. Stay tuned for more info.

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