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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Missed America

by Rich Handley

Here's my take on the outrage people are expressing about an Indian-American woman winning the Miss America crown:

Putting aside the face-palming bigotry of calling a person a Muslim due solely to her skin color... putting aside that she is, in fact, not a Muslim… putting aside that India is not an Arab country, so calling her an Arab indicates an appallingly poor education and a complete lack of geographical knowledge... putting aside that even if she WERE a Muslim and even if India WERE an Arab nation, it still wouldn't matter in the slightest since there's nothing wrong with being a Muslim or an Arab... putting aside that calling her a terrorist is ludicrous since she's doing nothing that would incite terror unless one finds elegance, poise and hairspray terrifying… putting aside that all complaints about her being a foreigner are idiotic since she is, in fact, American... putting aside the irony that so many of those complaining about her not being American display no grasp of basic English language skills whatsoever, whereas she seems rather eloquent by comparison... putting aside that pretty much EVERYONE in the United States, with very, very few exceptions, is a descendant of foreigners... and putting aside that this is 2013, not the 1930s, and we should be well beyond this level of idiocy by now... it's a freakin' beauty contest.

That's all it is: a beauty contest. It's not something that matters enough for anyone to attain this level of melodramatic outrage. It's a measure of dazzling gorgeousness. She's dazzlingly gorgeous. And it's about American women. She's a woman. And she's an American. In short, it's about hot American women, and she's in that classification. Hence, she qualifies for the title of Miss America.

For the record, I don't watch the Miss America pageant and never have, because that kind of superficial fluff (with no offense at all intended to anyone who enjoys it—vive la différence) just isn't my cup of tea. But if I were one to watch the pageant, I'd like to think I'd be able to comport myself in a non-bigoted manner while objectifying women based solely on how their breasts look in a bikini and a low-cut gown.

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At September 17, 2013 at 9:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your response on the Buzzfeed site and wanted to read it again, but couldn't find it. Too many responses to wade through.

I'm glad you put it up here on your blog.

At September 18, 2013 at 4:05 AM , Blogger Hasslein Books said...

Thanks, yewnique (great screen name, by the way). That's much appreciated. :)


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