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Monday, October 14, 2013

Hammer Horror: Curse Of Frankenstein

By Rocko Jerome

Another tremendous Hammer offering was The Curse of Frankenstein. In a bit of role reversal, Christopher Lee played the sympathetic monster and Peter Cushing portrayed Dr.Frankenstein. Unlike Universal's version or even the original novel, Cushing as Frankenstein was an awful, demented bastard. A twist of obvious brilliance, because really, wouldn't it be a pretty ghoulish entity that would stitch corpses together and presume to create life in such a manner?

Every bit of suave sophistication Christopher Lee brought to Dracula was completely absent in the misbegotten creature he portrayed here. The scene in which he has first gotten loose—a stumbling, horrifying thing that looks every bit like you would imagine living death—is one of the most fantastic depictions of a monster you could ever find. Although the make-up is obviously dated, it's all in the way that Lee moves, utilizing his training as a mime.

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