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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Support Justin Benzel's 5th Dimension Project

Rocko Jerome asked us to help spread the word about a Kickstarter project called The 5th Dimension, a 75-page book described as "a retro-futuristic art narrative centered around a 1950s Chicago and the arrival of space aliens." After checking out what photographer Justin Benzel has in mind, we're happy to do some word-spreading, as this project looks like it could turn out to be incredible.

The mission of Benzel's campaign is to raise the necessary funds to create a "stunning series of photos" to accompany a set of short stories, and to then print a limited-edition run of the finished book, and distribute the books, prints and rewards to backers. The images below represent only a small sampling of the final product (here's a gallery containing several more), but it gives an idea of what the photographer imagines. Benzel's blog details the project's progress.

The finished book will tell the story of "Charles Moray and the impact of his company across the city and beyond." The plot is already planned and written, and Benzel just needs to complete the images and finish writing some of the stories. Won't you help out?

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