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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reviewers Agree: The Doctor Is In—Win a Free WHO Book Today!

Reviews are beginning to show up online for Lost in Time and Space: An Unofficial Guide to the Uncharted Journeys of Doctor Who, written by Matthew J Elliott (with a foreword by Alan Barnes), and it appears we've got another hit on our hands. Here's what three popular sites have to say:

"As a reference work, but one with a fluid prose structure, it can be read from cover to cover or stands ready for you to dive in on a particular time period when re-watching portions of the series. That double usefulness isn't quite matched by other Who-related books published recently, and as such it's a very helpful addition to our experience of The Doctor's journeys, especially the 'uncharted ones.'"
BleedingCool.com's Hannah Means Shannon
Read the full review here.

"350 pages is no easy thing to get thru with a full-time job and four children to raise, but sometimes I find a book that I can’t put down and this is one I made sure I found the time to finish reading... Not only did it intrigue me to learn about these little extras that have been researched and painstakingly cataloged from thousands of novels, comics, audio, spinoff television series and more, but I was equally impressed that the author was actually able to make sense of it all and link it all up to the matching references from over 800 episodes of the show!"
Beyond the Marquee's Steve Czarnecki
Read the full review here. And don't miss a chance to win a free copy as part of Beyond the Marquee's "Free Stuff Friday" campaign. Simply click here.

"You don’t know Doctor Who unless you have a copy of this book... I’m going to make a safe bet that everyone who writes anything Who related is going to have this in their possession. This is a must have for any Who fan. Absolutely receives my highest possible recommendation. Overall grade: A+"
SciFi Pulse's Patrick Hayes
Read the full review here.

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