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Monday, January 28, 2013

Thoughts for Your Penny: Please Help Support BaconPalooza II

by Rich Handley

I am very pleased to announce my involvement in BaconPalooza II, a fundraising project to help children with autism. The event will be spearheaded by John Ordover, the founder and CEO of JJO Marketing and a former Pocket Books editor responsible for overseeing the licensed Star Trek novels. A "bacon-ized" version of a short story of mine, "Thoughts for Your Penny," will appear in the event's softcover program guide, titled Baconthology.

It's my honor to contribute to this book, and Paul Giachetti and I will be attending the fundraiser. If you can, please attend as well and support John's efforts. All attendees to BaconPalooza II will receive a FREE softcover copy of Baconthology (a $25.00 value; e-mail sgdaintra@gmail.com regarding advertising opportunities). My story will run alongside others from Greg Cox, Lucienne Diver, Steve Fahnestalk, Carlos Hernandez, Kij Johnson, Amanda Jette Knox, Annie Reed, Mike Resnick and Brad Torgerson, and I'm truly humbled to be in such company for such an important cause.

BacoonPalooza II
March 1-3, 2013
The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
138 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012
(800) 420-5590 / (212) 228-2810

FOOD AND DRINK will include an open bar featuring Bakon Vodka, a bacon buffet with John Morrell Foods' bacon and bacon-ized meats, and a Sunday bacon brunch provided by The Baconery.

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY performances will include CT Jermin's musical medley The Bacon Blues, Lil Miss Lixx presenting Bacon Burlesque and The Bacon Bits' new musical, Beauty and the Baconwhile on film, the event will present the NYC premiere of Spookshow Entertainment's cautionary tale, Bacon: The Movie, as well as its continuing musical mini-film series, Bacon-Strips.

SUNDAY'S BACON BRUNCH will feature a crafting workshop by Kathy J. Bacon Goddess "channeling the divine through hand-crafted swine," plus live readings of bacon prose and poetry by Carlos Hernadez and others.

Plus, throughout the weekend, the presenters will feature a DIGITAL EXHIBITION OF BACON ART (submissions welcome) and bacon novelties for sale, from bacon jelly beans to bacon toothpaste!

Check out the schedule of events. I hope to see you there!

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