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Friday, July 22, 2016

Red Dwarf: Homecoming—Fan Fiction by Paul C. Giachetti

By Paul C. Giachetti

Throughout the years, the British science-fiction comedy Red Dwarf, like any long-running series, has produced a fair number of inconsistencies, plot holes and unanswered questions. Some of these instances were masterfully resolved within the pages of the four novels written by Rob Grant and/or Doug Naylor, but many remain unexplained to this day. One of my pet hobbies has been to take these conflicts and questions and concoct explanations to fill in the gaps for other fans. Sometimes, the answer is simple ("Light bees are programmed to 'age'."), while other times, it requires a bit more explanation.

>Among the most prevalent questions asked within fan circles these days are: What happened after Series VIII? How did Red Dwarf survive the chameleonic microbe? And which Rimmer has been with the crew since Back to Earth? After seeing these questions posted several times in the various online forums and groups I frequent, I finally decided to offer my own account of the events directly following the Series VIII finale, "Only the Good…"

The end result is a novellette titled Red Dwarf: Homecoming, which you can read here.

"It says here it's a short story by some smeghead named Paul Giachetti.
I think he played an orangutan in Planet of the Apes, didn't he?"

This story assumes readers have watched "Only the Good…," as well as the Series VII episode "Stoke Me a Clipper," and have a general familiarity with the TV series overall. It is written more in the style of the novels than of the show itself, though I have nonetheless tried to capture the voice and tone of the series and its characters.

My goal was to have readers walk away from the story feeling as though they had just watched a lost episode. Hopefully, I've at least come close.


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