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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trumping the Future

By Rich Handley

Today, my son and I watched a story about a corrupt, sexist, bullying billionaire who rose up in power without having earned his own wealth, to become a dangerous, womanizing douchebag who used his money to control and manipulate. He married three women, all of them beautiful, the third of whom, though very clearly unhappy with her lot in life, remained subservient to him out of fear because her financial stability and that of her children fully depended on it. He looked ridiculous, with reddish-grey, straw-like hair combed over very stupidly; he treated women like property to molest; he used a propaganda machine and lots of spectacle to keep his followers ignorant of his true motives by pandering to their baser natures; he exhibited a small vocabulary and tended to misuse phrases when he spoke, indicative of a low IQ and poor education; and he erected an overly tall building and lived in its elaborate penthouse, very clearly to compensate for having an inadequate manhood. A megalomaniacal land mogul and political figure, he had strong ties to organized crime, gambling and vice. He was ruthless to his enemies, without actually accomplishing anything or working an honest day in his life. He hated scientists and youths who questioned authority, and the only thing that ever mattered to him was his own gratification—which he walked all over others to achieve. In short, he was a fascist, dishonest, corrupt piece of shit who needed to be taken down before he could do any further damage to the population over whom he held domain.

Then, after we finished watching Back to the Future Part II, we watched a news report about Donald Trump.

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