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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What If Doc Brown Had Invested in Xerox?

by Rich Handley

Did you know that in 1952, Emmett Brown's colleague Charles tried to convince him to become a major stockholder and employee of the fledgling Xerox Corp.? Convinced that the firm had no future, since few would know how to pronounce its name—he initially mispronounced it "X-rox"—Doc turned down the offer.

Three years later, Doc's university boss, Dean Wooster, pressured him into taking part in one of three projects: developing the Edsel automobile, creating a chemical-warfare compound (to be dubbed Agent Brown) or helping to build Xerox. When Emmett refused all three opportunities, Wooster put an end to his affair with the dean's daughter, Jill. Learn more next month, in A MATTER OF TIME: THE BACK TO THE FUTURE LEXICON!

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