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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EternalCon 2016: And a Good Time Was Had By All...

By Rich Handley

The weekend's done now and we've all gone back to our usual routines, but we at Hasslein Books had a funtastic time at EternalCon 2016, which was held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, N.Y. We met a lot of fellow fans and talented individuals, sold and signed some books, and had many conversations with enthusiastic con-goers.

We shared a booth on Sunday with cosplayer Sofia Sivan, who signed photos of herself in costume and drew more people to the booth than our books did; laughed frequently with neighboring vendor Erica Lin, who kept us up to our elbows in free potato chips, and who we will miss now that she's on her way back to Taiwan; and met other talented cosplayers, such as the hilarious Robert Franzese (the Real Life Peter Griffin, though he was dressed as Sergeant Slaughter this time out), Scarlet SpyderQueen (Sofia's assistant and a great cosplayer in her own right), and EmmaPool, who sported a fantastic costume and a wonderfully punny name.

Best of all, we got to see several friends from last year's convention, including photographer David Schlaich and Big Apple Conventions' Zorikh Lequidre, and I was excited to reunite with an old college buddy, Hart Sastrowardoyo (or Ben, as I have always known him), and finally meet his adorable daughter.

A good time was had by all... and now post-show remorse has set in, and we're looking forward to next year's event. Enjoy our photos below (all courtesy of Paul Giachetti unless otherwise noted). You can find a ton more pictures from the convention at Dave's Cosplay Photography.

Before it all began...

We were the first vendor in our area to have our booth
set up. It doesn't take long to stack books!

Step right up, folks...

Erica Lin, the friendliest person we've ever met at a convention!

Erica is as astounded by a book as we all are by Paul's hat.

Remember this photo, for you will never see me
wearing a Pikachu hat again!


Science fiction conventions have an odd effect on Paul Giachetti.

All of us tried not to think about the two-ton airplane that
could have dropped on our heads at any minute.

We've been slimed!

Boop beep be-doop. Bee-boop.

R2-D2, dancing to "Oppa Gangnam Style" (no, seriously).

Who's more adorable? You decide!


"You've hit the jackpot, Tiger."

Erica Lin and Sofia Sivan, both of whom made the
convention twice as fun for us.

Sofia Sivan with Scarlet SpyderQueen.
Somehow, all four of us fit into a booth the size of a book.

EmmaPool is apparently scandalized by the very sight of
Hasslein Books' offerings. Spider-Man and Spider-Pool are
clearly more interested in our booth-mate's wares.

Spider-Pool watches befuddled as Scarlet operates a
Square payment device.

"Did I leave the iron on? My spider sense is tingling."

"Spider-Butt... Spider-Butt..."

It's easy to overlook in this photo, but that's
Mario's brother Luigi in the background.

Excellence in cosplay

Sergeant Slaughter meets Lara Croft

Brilliant cosplay as Rey and Obi-Wan Kenobi...everyone kept telling
them not to have a lightsaber fight, just in case they turn out to be related.

My buddy Ben from college, helping me to shamelessly plug some books.
The one on the right only exists because of him, so I'm forever in his debt.
(Photo courtesy Hart Sastrowardoyo)

Lara Croft has discovered a long-lost treasure.
(Photo courtesy Dave's Cosplay Photographiy)

Never have a staring contest with a toddler.
You simply cannot win. (Photo courtesy Hart Sastrowardoyo)

The very last thing the photographer saw, right before the attack...

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