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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Introducing My Star Trek Introductions

By Rich Handley

I've mentioned here before that I've been writing introductions to several volumes of Eaglemoss's Star Trek: The Graphic Novel Collection hardcover set. I've contributed to about eight volumes of the first 20 or so, and the ones I've been chosen for have amused me.

Why? Because among them have been volumes reprinting the U.S. comic strips, the U.K. comic strips, and Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive. The first two of these volumes reprint my actual collection, as I helped IDW put together the original books (see below). The third, meanwhile, features me as a walk-on-and-get-shot cameo (a hapless Enterprise crewman named Handley, also shown below). So I have a soft spot for all of these projects.

Look, Ma! I'm a redshirt!

This set of graphic novels is expected to run for many volumes. What's more, there have been around 1,200 Star Trek comics published to date, and other writers are contributing intros as well. So the odds of my being asked to write intros to the three projects I'm connected to were pretty slim.

And yet, I was assigned all three volumes, despite the fact that the editor at Eaglemoss had no idea of the above facts. Each time she assigned me a new volume, I'd thank her and say "By the way, I..." and her response would be a variation on "NO WAY!" or "HOW COOL!" or "I HAD NO IDEA!"

Synchronicity at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

This created a dilemma, though: whether or not to discuss my own involvement in the intros to the books reprinting my collection. It would be self-serving to do so... but not doing so would mean presenting an incomplete history. I chose to be self-serving, of course. After all, I'm no fool.

If you check out this graphic novel series, then neither are you.

I wish every volume was out now so that I could see this on my shelves.

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